Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week 23

Lots going so gets in the way of creativity more than I would like. Some good life, some ukky life, some mundane life. It's all good in the end.

Hoop view of week 23 plus a close up of the last few motifs
Cat ears for London, t-shirt cuz I bought way too many, cherry season and donut day!

Treated myself to a white Levi® jacket
I wasn't sure, but I am sure I love it now.

I want to walk in the Rose, white and blue parade on the fourth. Looking to make a mid teens walking ensemble to fit in with the suffragette theme of the group. These are my ideal, but I will probably go cheap and easy with a navy walking skirt, white blouse and some spats to mask my tennies.

Got a double yolker. How fun is that?

Been keeping active...down 2.6 lbs

Next to the last nephew graduated from highschool. Goooo coyotes!

Celebrated national Donut Day with a simple glazed donut.
And maybe a chocolate covered cake donut with coconut too. LOL

Like I said, lots of life. House hunting, MIL ambulance ride to emergency (totally unnecessary), dot, dog, birthdays and holidays. Life is quite a ride!

How's life treating you?

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

week 21 and counting

Can you believe the year is nearly half over already? It's true, the older you get, the faster time goes by. I'm tellin' ya.....wowzers!

Lots happening this week. More house hunting and more exploring and a little good grammie time.

Fruit stands abound along the delta. Cherries are in full swing and they won't last long. Strawberries and stone fruits are just starting.

Yummmmmmmmmm is everywhere and I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

My hoop is growing. 
I've added a fitbit symbol, flag, red nose, 007, road signs, 
and I can't remember what else.

Trying a new set up and added lots of "love" to my project list.

Even pulled out a vintage hoop for this one.

Me on red nose day and my hydrangea is full bloom.

This week has already started with a bang and I hope it slows down because I don't need another emergency room and ambulance ride for a long while. Not me, my 87 MIL and it was totally an over reaction and totally unnecessary. OY and a half!

Hope your week is as exciting, but it good ways.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

week 20

Been a fun and busy couple of weeks. 

Still pluggin away at my #1yearofstitches hoop
Week 20 hoop view

The cat decided to sneak into my cabinet while I was getting something and then I found him trying to get out. Crazy cat!

Made beignets. Easy and yummy and messy.

A little LOVE from down under.

Cahin stitching a little more LOVE
I'm sensing a theme......LOL

A little goofing in Oregon with some of my bible study chicks.

 Somebody turns five this week and had a little Chuck E. Cheese fun the day before her party and then the party. Sleeping beauty was the theme.

Also cleaned my sewing room and the dot cleaned her closet out which means I need to re-clean my sewing room. Oy.

Lots of boring chores and a couple trips to Oakhurst to look at houses. Every time we find something we both like, it's already snapped up. It's hard to house hunt from afar and by the time you get there, well, you know the story.
Looking into building. If the fees aren't too ridiculous (yuba county I'm talking to you) we just may start from scratch. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

To the moms. mentors, aunties, pet mamas and all mothered in some way, shape or form!!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Week 18 and more

It's been pretty busy around here so let's just get to it.....

Hoop View. I'm doing little motifs to fill it in and a small amount of stitching so it can last the year.

The granddot is having a Sleepy Beauty party and gram gram is making a few of the party favors..
Sleeping Masks

Pay attention to one way designs. LOL

Cat not helping 


A real 4 leaf clocer 

Look at all them ducks!!! 

Now this is a backyard...wish it was mine

All my embroidery scissors. Yikes! I may have a problem. 

Grand time 

A welcome pineapple from, Studio MME
I joined the monthly embroidery club because I HAD to have the 'sacre' pigeon" 

I've done some stitchy goodness, been to a retreat in Oregon and spent time with the grand and my mom. Yep, good busy.

Any stitchy or family goodness in your world?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Donate your color to help paint a neighborhood!

Sherwin-Williams is doing something totally fun!!
They are sucking the color out of an app extension, website or picture and then donating that color (in paint) to help a neighborhood get all clean and pretty!

So yes, you didn't lose your vision, my blog will be in gray scale until May 18th!!

Click here>>>>>> and follow the directions. Easy peasy!!

Help color our world!!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Take a Stand.......

Yes, by all means, take that kind of stand, but this post is all about the hoop stand.

I am, indeed, a hoop-er. I've tried hoopless, but my stitches are hopeless when I do. I've been on the hunt for something, anything, that could help me be hands-free for things like french knots and a few of the fancier stitches.

This is my current batch. All wonderful in their own special way. All pretty easy on the ol' checkbook (debt card) depending on where you purchase them and if you are lucky enough to have a coupon. I'm afraid I paid a bit too much for the lap stand. It did come with three hoops and I did shop local. I was so excited after I tried it out that I had to have it...right then, right there. If I had shopped around, I could've saved myself $30.00 bucks...maybe a little less.

My new baby. I just got it today from Michael's. Yes, I had a coupon. yes, they have better coupons every now and then, but I am not super patient.
I've seen this one on the WWW and it had really good reviews. The pros and price far outweighed the cons. $39.99 before any discounts and/tax.
That is a 14" hoop in there. Feels quite sturdy. Adjustable like crazy and even 360ยบ turning.
I can't wait to try it out tonight.

 My Elbesee lap and table stands.
The lap stand (fanny frame) came with three hoops on a stick. 6-8-10.5"
They will work in the table clamp (barrel clamp) as well. I also have the universal hoop holder on a stick for when I want to change things up or use a funky size. 
I love them and they've worked quite well for the few months I've had them.
They are quite portable

Get yourself one of these little tools. It's for turning wingnuts. 
Three words....
fab  u  lous

The box
The instructions are tiny and a little hard to make out, but it took me about 30 minutes or so and a few adjustments to get things in the right place. I put the plastic knobs where I thought I would use them the most. I am going to purchase a few metal washers to protect the wood from over tightening...that should cost a whole $1.00.

I give all of these items a big thumbs up. Especially the wing nut tool...seriously...I can't say enough good things about it.

There are more hoop stands out there. I've seen them as high as $250.00usd plus shipping. Most of them seem to be in the low 100's. Yes, they have a few more bells and whistles and some are metal and you can buy accessories to make your stitching life easier. (lights, chart holder, etc.) but if you are watching your pennies and don't mind having a little table nearby, this is a great choice.
yes, I did look at the other stands, saw one in was for the hoops on a stick. Lucky for me, they didn't have them yet or I would've over paid in my enthusiastic state. LOL I actually think this is going to work out better...more versatile, less money, not as cute, holds bigger/different hoops. yep, I think I made a frugal and wise purchase.

What kind of tools and/or gadgets do you use when you hoop up?
Do you even hoop?
Inquiring minds want to know. Until recently, I had no idea any of this even existed and I have been sewing for a long dang time. I learned from people sharing.