Monday, April 18, 2016

'Juki TL-2200qvp Mini' Review

Happy Anniversary to me!!! 28 years and counting with the hubs. We don't usually exchange gifts, but this year we went nuts. He got some toys and I got some toys. This is my one of my new toys.

A brand, spankin' new Juki TL-2200qvp Mini.  It's pretty much the TL-2010, but with new colors and a few extras.

Here she is. New machine still in the box smell. Ahhhhh

First look. Yep, a knee lift

All kinds of notions. 9 feet in total
New....a guide for the walking foot

All the Free motion feet..New...the open toed one.
For those that turn their machine, you can get a sideways open toe foot optionally

There she is, sans extension table. Huge extension table

A little goofin. The light is bright, but it needs to be all the way around. 
Yes, I will be adding some light

More play to see the stitch quality and get a feel for this puppy

Also new, a real quarter inch foot, not just the 7mm compensating foot

Yep, a scant quarter

Walking foot with guide. It's not a quiet foot, just saying. 
My Bernina 440qe has a quieter walking foot.
This foot edge is a quarter awesome is that?

Guide time...pretty accurate

 I actually used it to bind a quilt. I used its cousin, a tl-2010 to quilt.
Like buttah

All in all, I am quite pleased with this machine.

  •  a ton of feet
  • deep and tall harp space
  • quiet machine
  • good foot pedal response, no jaggy, jumpiness..smooth as can be
  • faster than spit
  • reasonably priced compared to other quilting machines, especially computerized, multi stitchers 
  • thread cutter....oh my! It is fab...really fab. How did I ever live without it?
  • thread cutter activated by foot pedal
  • pow er full
  • cutter and walking foot loud
  • only stops with the needle down...I wish I could control that, but this is a mechanical machine
  • light has shadows on the wrong side
  • Thread cutter activated by foot pedal..yes, pro and con (thankfully, comes with a piece to stop that function)
  • more frequent oiling (so easy)
  • heavyish
  • I don't yet have a table for her

    The cons are, by no means, deal breakers. The only time I dislike the foot pedal thread cutter is when I am free motion quilting and I accidentally cut the threads when I don't mean too. Pain in the patootie. I suppose with time I could overcome this, but I just put the little rubber thingy on the foot pedal and no more booboos. Take it off for regular sewing and I can cut with my heel again.. Takes all of 30 seconds. :-)

    Is it an elegant machine? All little bit yes and a little bit no.. Is it my end all be all of a sewing machine? 
    Darn close, but not quite.

    All machines should have foot attaching like a Bernina and a builtin walking foot like the Pfaff, a tall, 12" harp space, great lighting, the power of the juki and not cost the same as a good used car....a girl can dream, right? LOL Oh, and a low bobbin warning...seriously.

    Will I get rid of my Bernina and my Janome Gem? (and my featherweight, my serger, my cover stitcher, my singer 185)?  Nope. The Juki is a straight stitch only machine and I do a lot of non quilterly sewing. And the little Janome Gem makes thee best stinkin' buttonholes. Yes, better than the Bernina. I know, right.

    What are your favorite machines? 
    Do you have more than one? 
    What features would your "dream machine" have?

    I am really liking this machine. I'll know if I love it after a few months of sewing. I am betting I will.

    Yes, your pennies. 


    1. yay, Yay, YAY!!! Savin' NOW <3 So, since you've sewn on both, what are the differences between the 2010 and the 2200?? Why is it a MINI? Isn't it the same size? I have a nice, nice space on my table for it..., oh. Wait. Gotta move some fabric and stuff, LOL! :)

      1. It's the same as the 2010. Updated color and extra feet. It's called the mini because the 2200qvp is a 16" long arm. Updating their branding as far as I can tell. 

      2. fyi, I don't own both, I got to borrow the 2010 until mine came in

    2. So, this is embarrassing... But they're so new that I can't find a price ANYwhere :P How much was it? I need to know what I'm shooting for and if, maybe, the tax return is spent already, LOL!

      1. Every place will be a little different,  I'm sure. But mine was the same as the 2010...1000.  I got mine at a local sewing machine store.  You can get the tl-2010 for 800 or 900 online. Same machine mechanically speaking. Yep, big chunk of our taxes is now gone. I almost bought the used one for 700. It was used in a sewing camp for 3 months. The hubs said to spend the extra and get the new one with the extras since I would probably end up spending the full amount to get the feet I wanted anyway. Lol  he's right 

        and it's not a silly question. ...that info is no place. 

    3. I recently tested the Juki 2010Q and Janome 1600PQC... and came home with the Janome. Nice features on both machines, but I noticed that the Juki runs noisier than the Janome. Perhaps an indication of how well/tight the machine is designed/and manufactured? Mostly I'm lovin' that my Pfaff Grand Quilter quilting feet (three of them) all fit the Janome, and the price. It's good to compare brands, and you have a nice review here. Thanks!

    4. Solution to thread cutter in foot pedal. Turn the foot pedal sideways and then you won't cut the thread accidentally. That is from Karen who works for Juki.

    5. Are you using your walking foot to bind? I see you made a note you used the new machine to bind a quilt but wondered which foot you used. I just purchased the 2200 and love it!!

      1. I don't remember, but I am betting I did

    6. Just picked up my 2200 today. Can't wait to get home and play! I have a TL2010Q that I bought last year but I keep it at the house up north-I was working on purse handles on my Janome 8900 on Tuesday and kept breaking needles and skipping stitches. I know I have zero problem sewing them on the 2010, so I was going to get a second one because it is a WORKHORSE! Don't get me wrong, my 8900, I refer to her as Momma Joy, is a great machine and I love all the fun things she can do, but need to sew on something with power to spare and JUKI is that and more. I know this one is a "mini" but I believe I will call her Maxi, she is beautiful and that piecing foot......Hollah!

    7. Love your review!! How come my local dealer quoted me $1199!? Ugh! Did it come with an extension table, maybe I missed that? Thanks again!

      1. I've been quoted prices as low as $999 all the way up to $1499. Unfortunately, the dealers closest to me have the highest prices and I would also have to pay state sales tax. As much as I would like to support local businesses, I can save a few hundred dollars buying out of state with no tax, free shipping and no interest financing. I am buying this machine on blind faith and good reviews...I have never seen one in person. 😃

      2. I've been quoted prices as low as $999 and as high as $1499. The higher prices have been from my *local* dealers (2-3 hours away). As much as I would prefer to shop locally, I can save a few hundred dollars purchasing online from out of state stores who offer no sales tax, free shipping, and interest free financing. I am buying this machine on blind faith...I have never seen one in person.

    8. Our price in Canada is $1199 and free shipping for this machine. Given the poor exchange rate to the US dollar that is a pretty good price, around $907 US. There are a couple of nice optional feet, too...a ruler foot and a transparent echo quilting foot.

    9. Asking for confirmation about something you wrote: You can't choose whether the needle stops in the up or down position?

      1. the needle always stops in the down position. there is a button to raise it, the flywheel or you can tap the footpedal to cut the threads and the needle goes ups. It isn't computerized so it's set to stay down. I am pretty sure a good sewing machine repair person can reset the timing so the needle stops up if that is a big deal for you

    10. Do you happen to have a picture of your 2200 next to your Bernina 440? I have a 440, and the harp space kills me. I love every other thing about it, but that tiny harp space is painful for a quilter! I've been coveting the 2010tl or 2200 mini, but I've never seen them in person. I'd like to get an idea of the size sitting next to the machine I actually have. I have seen a lot of reviews from people who have both, but I've yet to track down a picture of the two together. Thanks!


    11. I don't have a side by side, but the harp space on the juki is two and a half hands wide and the bernina is 1.5. It's also a few inches taller and since the head isn't as bulky, the visibility is grand

    12. I am LATE to this party, so sorry but I'm going to ask a question ... I just had a 2200 shipped to me from a quilt show a couple of weeks ago. A friend who has the 2000 says the 2200 has a shorter throat space - I thought they were the same ... and from what I understand, the 2200 has a new motor than the 2000 or 2010, supposedly stronger. IDK I hope I love her!

    13. I used the 2010 and it is the same machine with prettier decals

    14. Does anyone use a tutto carrying case for their juki qvp mini? If so, what size? Thanks in advance!

      1. I checked the site, they say the 1X is the correct size for this machine

    15. Question, you mentioned your Jenome Gem for buttonholes. am looking for one, can you give me the model number and if they are currently being made or am I going to have to look for a used on...thanks...great blog. BTW I have the 2010 and it sews very nice for clothing, Used to own a needle feed industrial Juki (DLN-5410N-7) and sold it (what a mistake) but then I thought we were going to travel in a motor home for a few years, that lasted about 7 months so now back in a house with space...bought the TL2010Q for the looking at the larger 2200 QVP and the QVP mini..don't have any more machine space but can manage one more small Juki like the 2200mini...(have an older Bernina 1130, Juki TL2010Q, Baby Lock Imagine serger (WONDERFUL machine) Cover/Chain stitch Bernina 009DC, featherweight and 1929 Singer 99...always room for one more

    16. Bought this machine a month ago and do not have a good stitch, now in shop for second time. Not happy, have you had this problem? Where do you se the tension. Hard to get info on this machine