Monday, April 25, 2016

Island Living

It's not what you think. I wish I was on a semi tropical island in a home with a large sewing room with an ocean view. My little room has a nice view, but no ocean breezes. LOL

Nope, the last piece of the kitchen redo is finally in place. The Island. We've been using an old book shelf with a piece of old laminate flooring as the top for several months. Hmmm, do I have a pic?
Anyhoooo, the hubs and I couldn't find a ready-made one that fit our needs and didn't cost a big chunk of change - so, he built one.

The wood is 100 years old from an old garage door in Berkeley. It's was already reddish, but I really wanted barn red. We watered down some Benjamin Moore 'burnt peanut red' and it's perfect.

The top, that was a pain in the rear. I wanted stainless steel (first choice) or butcher block..the hubs, more wood planks. that would've been picture perfect, but not very sanitary...ew.
We finally found someone who wasn't going to charge us $450.00 for a top. We are talking 20" by 54"....not big at all. Some left over steel from a job, a friend that does steel work, and a long wait until he could fit it into his schedule...the top is finally done.

It is, for me, perfection. We already have our first scratches so I can now be all carefree when I use it. LOL

A few pics........

I am so glad he left all the history intact.

Both side views. Complete with a custom area for the garbage can. 
Yes, I now need a red garbage can.

The hubs just had to make it more elegant. I wanted it all blocky and rustic.
It grew on me, but I was not happy with the executive decision at the time, trust me.

 At work. 

It fits our space and our needs perfectly. The hubs is definitely a keeper.
Yep, pinterest worthy.

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