Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Place for everything

And everything in it's place.

Juki update. All the goodies came in a zip top baggy. I just couldn't handle that at all.

I hunted for a container that would hold everything. I finally found one at Michael's in the jewelry area.

  • Smallish...check
  • adjustable...check
  • sturdy...check
  • under $5.00 bucks...check

It all fit, but not comfortably. That darn screwdriver was giving me a little trouble.

Sooooooooo, I got a beater screwdriver from the garage, heated it up and melted a little spot for it

Now it fits perfectly.

And closes nicely.


I still need a table for the big girl, but her stuff in all in order and ready to go.

How do you keep your machine accessories organised?
Are you a zip top bag person or do you need a bit more separation?

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