Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Prepping for fun!

     What is keeping me distracted today? Planning for a mini quilting retreat with a few of the ladies from an online quilt group that has been together for 15 years. I can hardly believe it!
     I won't be doing much quilting, but I will be doing a lot of apron making.  Right now, I am  bagging everything up, making sure I have all the right thread and assorted doodads.
     I am very excited. This is the first time I get to go because there is no kid activity, mostly colorguard, going on! woot woot raise the roof!!

** in case you haven't discovered them, ziplock© bags in the 2.5 gallon size are AWESOME  times two!! I prefer the slide kind, but the regular is good too.


  1. welcome to the world of the distracted...

  2. How much do you charge for an apron? Daughter Abby needs one for her new kitchen. She likes to bake cakes and cookies...she thinks she's a princess(the black one on princess and the frog)...and her new dishes are all brightly colored polka dots! Whaddaya think??? Polly

  3. Polly, it depends on the apron and the cost of the fabric.
    Is there a style you want, or just something with fun fabric?
    full apron, half apron?