Sunday, January 30, 2011

Waiting, wondering and roosting

What am I waiting for??/ My Hot mama chicken apron swapper!!! I know the partners are getting matched up today and I want mine now!! :-)  I want to blog-stalk my new partner, I want to plan a style, search for the perfect fabric and see all the sneak peeks!!!

What am I wondering about? Same dang thing!!! Chicken swap! And I keep hearing this mantra in my head: I'mmmmmm a chicken hawk and I eat chickens!  Anybody out there remember Foghorn Leghorn and that teeny, tiny, little chicken hawk that was always trying to catch him?? FYI, his name is Henry Hawks.

Roosting? I have a deadline to meet and I really, really, need to hunker down and ''getterdone". It's mostly hand work at this point and then the skirt. I also forgot to go pick up my daughter's dress yesterday....yes, another wonderful menopause moment. This aging thing.......not really enjoying it to its fullest.



  1. I'm a-waitin' too! I want my partner info. I've only checked my email about 20 times today. So hurry up and get your deadline DONE! (how's that for a friendly butt kicking?)

  2. How much longer do we have to wait! The anticipation is killin' me! arrgh! I know it's because Regena has a deadline to meet and if she has her swap info then she won't be finishing the wedding dress cuz she'll be blog-stalking etc.

  3. You are probably right! LOL
    but I was stalking my email and checking to see if the info had shown up so that's how I know you were blogging. LOL

  4. i've been stalking my email and the blog...i wanna get my chicken on!

  5. I found your blog through the hot momma swap - and I think I have found a kindred spirit. I love aprons, you love aprons .... I love Jane Austen, you love Jane Austen .... I love Benjamin Franklin, you are slowly morphin into him. Haha, that really cracked me up when I read that!