Thursday, March 20, 2014

On the Cutting Table

First up, a little Easter bunny. She is going to be for an upcoming bloghop. 
She will not be all that traditional and I hope my granddaughter likes her.

Speaking of my little ray of first little girl outfit in quite sometime.....A little tiered dress with a border fabric. 

After I make a cute little Easter dress out of cherry fabric, I will be practicing the new skill of sewing with knits. I will start with a nightgown or two then move up to leggings and maybe even a t-shirt. As long as it isn't super stretchy, I should be okay. A cover stitch machine will be my next purchase if I start sewing knits on a regular basis, but until then, twin needles and a rolled lettuce edge will be my friends. 

The little princess herself...............

Yep, I am sooooo making the gramma face!


  1. What a doll and that little dress will be adorable on her! Funny, I just got fabric for making my granddaughter a night gown and I would be soooooo embarrassed to show my cutting table! Happy Friday!

  2. She's adorable! Looking forward to see the finished bunny and dress!

  3. The dress is amazing and really beautiful with and without the straps. I am so excited to wear it and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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  4. Looks like all kinds of Grammy fun in the future. Can't wait to see it all. And YES she is gorgeous :)