Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Easter Bunny
Goes Steampunk

Steampunk Easter Blog Hop
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Leslierahye's Hippity Hoppity 

Steampunk Spring

 Blog Hop 2014

This is my second year hopping and I hope you all like my newest creation.
I went all out this year....ALL  OUT!

Yes, I spent more time on it that I should have.

Yes, my granddaughter is too young to know what steampunk is, so my creation will get something more age appropriate and I will make a replacement for myself.

And here she all her steampunk glory........

Miss Agatha J. Bunny

The boots may be my favorite part. 

I used a pattern called Miss Maggie Rabbit  and then I improvised from there.
She has an gear trimmed chemise, houndstooth skirt, corset and boots. 
What good victorian lady doesn't have a cameo?
I really had far too much fun making her.
Now hop on over and check out the other artistes...I am sure you will love their creations.

Happy Steamy Easter!


  1. Miss Agatha is adorable, and I can see you went all out on her. The boots are really cute, but I also love how you reveal her underskirt with the metal clips.

  2. OMGoodness! You outdid yourself on Miss Bunny! She's adorable. And I love the flower by her ear! :o)

  3. She is great! I love all the details. Those boots!

  4. You have outdone yourself! That is one lusty Hare :)

    1. Lusty hare...that sounds like a good pub name

  5. Miss Bunny is wonderful. She is ready for the Steampunk dance! Great work and detail.

  6. very clever! love those boots - they're terrific! With that corset, she's quite the bosom-y hare! LOL
    Happy Easter.

  7. She is beyond awesome - love her!!!

  8. Ha!! I love it!! This is adorable!!

  9. SO CUTE... the boots are adorable!!!!!!

  10. AW yeah!!! She is rad! I love her!