Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Not sure if they count as one or two. Let's say two, but they are symbiotic.
If you have been one of the few, the proud, the long time know I have been on a "get my booty healthy" journey. 

Its beginning was two-fold.
I saw a workout outfit I sooooo wanted; but like most workout gear, it was sized toward the already fit. I was not all that fit. Fab, sure, fit, naw.

A nuu-muu. An outfit that would cover my booty and not show a bunch of cleavage and red. I was hooked. Only one tiny little problem....their largest size was not gonna fit I passed.

The second part of the equation....doc said you need to be healthy for your heart. Stupid genetics...I couldn't do anything about my genes, but I could do something about the rest of me. 

Sooooooo I dropped a few pounds and inches and got small enough to squeeeeeeze into the largest one. Sadness....they no longer had the pattern that I drooled over but they did have bunches more that I like. 

Sidebar......I found a fruit punch in my size....should be here this week. AANNDDD  it's not their largest size woooo hooooo. I may even be down to a plain ol' large by the end of the year!!!

I will own 5 and number 6 will be the next size down as a dangling carrot to keep me motivated....water lily....soooo pretty

me in my muus and ruus


                      poppy                                          fleurty                                               skye

Which leads me to my next growing obsession.....the 5k....the virtual 5k
Your own speed, your own course...a medal when you send in your miles...screen shot like.
This started with a real 5K that a friend and I are walking,  Runlikeadiva, in May.
I have since discovered a whole world of virtual runs to keep me excited about walking.
I just did one the other day... See the bib above.....A memorial mile for Leonard Nimoy benefiting win.

Here is the bling in my future....I will earn them alllllllll....mwah ha ha

What's your current obsession?

As for my other obsession....I just joined an apron sewalong at the apronista.
C'mon apron 27!!!

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  1. Love you and your Muus :) Also loving that Trek hall of fame behind you!