Friday, February 17, 2017

Slow and steady

Some Stitchy progress....

My one year of stitches hoop....Day 47.
My dot thinks I will fill this long before a year is up. I'm aiming for 6 months, then I will do a hoop with black fabric and lots of flowers.....I think.
I'm doing current events and things that will be memorable to me. birthday, Valentines, grammys, the election, star trek, food...just stuff.

 A little mini quilting
See what happens when you forget to pay attention to direction fabrics....LOL

Did a challenge piece. I am a great pattern follower, but I need work in creating my own art.
Still, not to bad.

Best mileage....ever. 
Yes, I happened to be cruising downhill the whole time. hahaha

Fixed some floppy pockets

Had a birthday
The hoop and the board were made by my dot in law

Gratuitous granddot shot. 
She loves having Momo (auntie) do beauty treatments.
In fact, she and the dot were giving out beauty treatments on my b-day.

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