Sunday, July 3, 2011

Busy weekend

My sister came for a visit this weekend. It's been jam packed with stuff. She is starting school next week to become a medical assistant so big sissy-poo (me) had to do some sewing. She (me again) also had to help with some pre-class testing. I am still good with long division and fractions!!  Wooo and hoooo!

While I was standing by to help with any math and english questions, 
I made a few kleenex covers ala Karen.
They really are Easy Peasy!! It's a great way to use up scraps. A piece of fabric that is 5.5" wide and 16" long will make one of these little beauties. I made 7!! Well, that's how many little packets of tissue I had on hand!

Here's number 7 with a bag for her new stethoscope.  It fits, but I wanted to make it long and narrow and she wanted it to fit in her pack differently.....she won!!   
I had just barely enough to make both the bag and the cover!.

A wild shade of green is rockin the inside!! See, it really does fit!

Next, I did a little scrubs modification. Hemmed the pants up 1.5"........have I ever mentioned I hate flares? Pain in the caboose. I forgot to take a are missing nothing exciting, I assure you. LOL

Added her official school patches to the sleeves. Exactly 2" above the hem. They better measure, I'm just sayin'.

And since they only had pewter colored scrubs (the official color she had to get) in the boxy kind, I added a little bit of shaping that had some give. You know what that means? Yeppers, elastic in the back!!

I tried to talk her into getting the next size up and letting me reshape the whole thing, but noooooooo.
I also tried to get her to let me buy her the ''Gray's Anatomy" brand for her cuz they are sooooooo soft and shaped really nicely, but they didn't have the correct shade of gray, I mean pewter.
Oh well, it's only seven months, and when she is certified and graduates with her A. S. degree,  
she gets new scrubs from me!!!!!

Not too bad for thinking I wouldn't be sewing at all!



  1. You are such a good sister!

  2. Yes I am!!!
    Did I mention I hate flares?
    Did I mention I had to do 2, two, count em, 2 pairs? ;-)

  3. Love the little tissue covers and your sister will look very smart with her matching stethoscope bag.

  4. I sew things for my sister too, but nothing so pretty as the lovely bags you have made for yours

  5. Thanks... mom came a few days after my sister and decided all my aunties, as well as herself, needed tissue I am clean out already! So much for some back up little giftees. LOL