Friday, July 8, 2011

When Sci-Fi and Hallmark Collide.......

You get Star Trek Christmas Ornaments!!!!
That's right, Starting July 16th,  you can fulfill what you are jonesin' for.....more trek! Yes, they have other stuff too, Like Star Wars, the leg lamp, Up and the grape soda badge on the kid, barbie's galore, but there is only one series I have a serious jones for.......TREK!
In all their glory:

Second in the Trek All stars series: Spock

This one talks and has Evil Spock!!! Let me say it again: Evil Spock!!
He's always claiming Kirk is his bestie, but he's always mind melding with McCoy. Can you say: denial?

Okay, I have to admit that this one is a tad cheesey..even in person. But I have every ship since 1991 and I am not going to stop because it's just not as fun as some of the others. I am no quitter. LOL 
It's the decals....too clean too, cartoony. Just my not so humble opinion. :-)

I hope to get back to making tonight!!


ps.......I have them pre-ordered and they will be waiting for me with my name alllllllll over the place and  you can bet I will be there bright and early on the 16.......yeah buddy!! 

It's a tradition.



  1. You are outta control! I think I need the grape soda one!

  2. you need the leg lamp one too!!

  3. Oh, I am with you 100%. I haven't been in a Hallmark store in ages (they've all closed down near me) so I didn't even know about these! I'm sure my sisters have the previous editions, though. I'll just steal theirs until I can get my own. Not that it's ever right to steal things from your younger sisters...

  4. I'm so happy that your Spocks will have new friends to hang out with very soon! Yeah you!

  5. Dr. Julie, just type 'star trek' in the search box above left and see all my Trek goodness....thanks to Hallmark and Karen!!!
    I have almost everything they've made since 1991 when it began!!!
    And some seriously awesome Trek craftiness from Karen and Amy!