Saturday, July 7, 2012

Coming sewing tutorial

 From clunky and chunky to sleek and polished....
Mitered Corners - Part Two.

Threads magazine has been a wealth of information over the years. A new (to me) little technique here and there have made my sewing better and easier. I would love to say faster, but I am soooo not fast and probably never will be. LOL 

I adapted the mitred corner technique at Christmas time for a single fold of fleece. Now I am using this wonderful technique on some flannel baby blankets. But it will work on any corner, on any fabric, at any angle.....I will say that the more stable the fabric, the better the result.

I am making several flannel receiving blankets so I should have a pretty good handle on this wonderful technique before the weekend is over. I will take lots of pictures and post how it's done.

This technique is from a threads magazine....several years ago...totally brill!
(June/July 2008  #137, page 65) It has a very colorful tote bag on the cover.

Practice, here I come...............

The tutorial is now up, click this sentence!!

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