Friday, July 6, 2012

It's time for a sewing adventure.........................

It wasn't planned. I was in Joann's to get some burlap for some wedding table runners, (see my pineterst board here) when I noticed a small, little, quiet sound, "buy me, buy me, buy meeeeeee."
I was looking for some canvas.....canvas would so not be calling my name. I turned the corner, the voice got I looked and looked. I was in the Fashion Knits aisle. I have yet to sew with this kind of fabric so it couldn't possibly be this row, I am a woven kinda girl. 

Oh noooooooo, it is this row! 

Oh nooooooooooo, it looks awful from the back!

Oh noooooooooooo, it's what?????

Pre ruffled cheetah print knit. O M G and a half. I have no words, 
but it came home with me...a whole yard. LOL 
This will, indeed, be an adventure.

The rest of my purchases were a lot more socially normal.

 The aforementioned burlap......whatever was on the bolt.

This pattern (99¢) becasue my grand daughter loves the view of the blue sleeping bag looking one.
I should say she is most happy sleeping in that style of garment and winter is closer than we think.

This April Johnson knit (60% off) and this 99¢ pattern. 
Can you say maxi dress? Sure, I knew you could.

Some black jersey to go with the ruffled cheetah print fabric.
I must be nuts. I will be making the longer version with the black top.
I can't decide if I want it tank style or with the cap sleeves. 

I have barely sewn with knits, let alone preruffled knits. LOL
Any tips about fit and construction would be more than welcomed!!

After I get the reception sewing done and some quilt blocks for a swap and the baby blankets I have laying all over the place, I will be in full clothes sewing mode. 
I have a muslin ready for adjustments and now two patterns ready to try!
Uh-oh....the cat found the burlap....Bobo....get off of that!!! Shoooooooo


  1. Oooooh...I have several pieces of the ruffled knit myself...I've made one tank top and I love it, but haven't whacked into the other pieces yet. Basically, I just constructed like any other knit, tucking the ruffles inline as I came to them...

    1. I haven't sewn with knit at all!!

  2. Meow!!!! and....since when is burlap more socially acceptable?

  3. Use the elastic stitch on your sewing machine. It stretches, and thus will not break--unlike a regular straight stitch.

  4. Now that I see a different picture of the cheetah print, I'm anxious to see the finished dress!