Wednesday, January 16, 2013

* * and a contest * *

**Evolution Alert**

I said I thought my car wouldn't make it to the 2014 mark. Sniff, sniff, I was correct.
She went in for a few little noises and left with the same noises with my hubs making noises about how much it was gonna cost to fix the noises.

The next day, we hung out together and ran some errands. Causally he mentions that since it was just down the road, we should, maybe, if I wanted to, go and look at some cars that get good mileage. Honda cars. Sure. I knew how his mind worked. We would look and look and think and think and look again and then talk about it for weeks and then get a car when mine finally gave up the ghost.


He had already made up his mind the day before while hanging with the guys. 

We ended up test driving 4 or 5 cars and, 5 hours later, my PT Cruiser was dropped off and I drove home in a brand new Honda Insight. I did get a little misty and the hubs freaked out when he wanted to go home and get her but I said no!!! I had to do the last drive. I REALLY liked my Cruiser.

She isn't red, a (very tiny) compromise I made, but I really like her. I have a thing for gutless hatchbacks. Although, she has a little bit of giddy up in her go!

Her "baby" pictures....

Yep, a hybrid. It's official, I'm a greenie. 

Not the first car I have purchased on a rainy, January day.

The color is called Truffle Pearl

I haven't been able to replicate this mileage....yet!
I am averaging 42.4mpg

She isn't the fanciest, the flashiest or the fastest, but she suits me just fine!
Now, what do I name her??

Hmmmmmm, do I see a naming contest in the immediate future?

Yes, yes I do.

If I pick your suggested name, in the spirit of being a greenie, one me-made cloth grocery bag will be the prize. 

She's not too girlie, just sayin.....

Let the suggestions fly.........contest ends when I pick a name.


  1. Evie...or E.V. (for Eco Vehicle) and then of course Evie is the name of my youngest grandchild, who is FULL of fun and spunk and NEVER runs out of energy! AND she's stinkin' cute. All the a attributes of your new car :)

  2. ok...I think Karen can you beat that!
    Love the car! She's pretty and comfortable too!