Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pearl Cotton vs. Floss

The results are in, I kinda like the Presencia No.12 Perle cotton.


  • No separating of threads
  • Shiny
  • pre-wound
  • Did I mention no separating? 
  • not as many colors as DMC or Cosmo or Anchor
  • not as easy to get if you run out
  • harder to use the frayed ends than floss
A few pics of the test:

Size 8 and size 12 in the bubble.

2 strands of floss and one of the size 12 
darker pink is floss

a sampling of the stitches I use most often
Brown is two strands of dmc
green is the presencia size 12 pearl cotton

back stitch and stem stitch

split stitch and chain stitch
double french knot and single french knot 

The ends after the stitching 

Red is size 8 dmc pearl cotton

Good enough to use on the hubs 6 of 6

All in all and good go to if you use two to four strands on a regular basis.
I use two a lot...a. lot. I also use one strand a lot, so no totally giving up the stranded floss.

I may try it with some big stitch quilting instead of the size 8 next time.

Hope you found this helpful. Afterall, knowledge is power. 

Happy Crafting!


  1. Thanks for the side by side. I have to say, I like the look of the Presencia for embroidery. I like the sheen and the fact that it doesn't seperate. I do mostly cross stitch, so floss will always be my first choice but I'm super glad I bought the bundle for this upcoming hop. I'll be using the perle for sure!

  2. Thanks for the information. I have TONS of DMC floss from my cross stitch days and I will probably use those up first. But I do love the little balls of color. They are so pretty.

  3. Frayed ends causing grief invest in a Lohran Needle Threader, best accessory I have got :)

    1. I have one and I love it. this particular fraying is after the stitching is done.

  4. Great review, I have tried 6 brands and until I came across presencia you could not get me away from I only work with presencia and I am never disappointed...I stitch quicker....
    Now I have a question for you you have some kind of stabilizer on top of your stitch piece...why, and what are the benefits..?