Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finishing and Fun!

Yesterday, I spent the day.......close to 11 Polly's Quilt Camp.
It's not a "real" camp, but a long time quilt friend's house. Food, fun and kids, no errands....just a little slice of heaven 70 miles from home.

Me, Ratty and Polly

I was one of Ratty's Craft It Forward are my surprises.......

A hoop bag, a zipper bag and a jeans coaster. Fun stuff, eh. I almost always have two or three projects in progress so my Trek bag and this one will have stuff in them all thee time. Oh, perfect excuse to buy another pair of embroidery eh eh snicker snicker snicker

I was a felt sooooooo good. A little bit of what I did.....................

Polly made me pose, this is the best of six shots. lol  She is a budding photographer.
 I look like a goof, but kinda cute too. 

A closer look here at home

Mug rug for my sister, including the hand stitched binding

Sweetwater table runner kit...allllll cut and ready for the machine

I even helped with a project or two that weren't mine! 
I love finishing, don't you?

What is in your finished pile??


  1. My un-finished pile is A LOT bigger....just sayin :) Looks like you had a wonderful time! Good for you!!!

  2. I love your finishes! How fun! I would like to have some starts! Ha!

  3. GREAT photos. See you again next year!