Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's in the bag, baby!

Now that the blog hop is over for me, tune in Monday for more stitching awesomeness, I have some things in progress........

Six grocery long as I am in bag making mode, 
I think I need to make three more as giftees too . lol

A New 7.5"embroidery hoop to try...Hardwicke Manor, no less. 
And a new, awesome pattern from urban threads

See the extra strong brass hardware and the nice, wide hoop?

Next to my normal hoops.
 The pvc hoop really has great tension. I am hoping once I wrap this hoop in twill tape, I get the same effect with almost no weight. Cross your needles, I mean fingers!

Lots more planned after this....stay tuned.


  1. It all looks like it's going to be great. :) That is a really nice hoop!

  2. How fun! Boy the embroidery bug has really bit you HARD! I love it :)