Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sew Prepper

Being a prepper is very in right now. I am a little prepped, but not anywhere near tv show prepped. LOL

I decided I, and a few of my crafty chicas, needed to be prepped in case of a sewing emergency. Seeewwwwww  I made a few little travel-size sewing kits. I made three, working on number four and one is already been given away.

Bonus....I made them in a Team USA kinda color scheme in honor of the upcoming Olympic Games!! 

Bonus two....itty bitty biscornus too

Oops! and Surprise!

I used some 'Old Glory" mini charms

Luscious linen for the inside
As you can see, buttons, a snap, needles, thread, pins, bandaid, threader, 
even a little paper tape measure

And some baker's twine to hold in the matching scissors

Closed, it's only 3 x 4 inches...perfect for a glove box or suitcase or beach bag. There is even a little room for them to add s few things I didn't think of. 
Make one for yourself or a sewing buddy today!


  1. Too cute!!! So glad you put the bandaid in there....just sayin :)