Monday, December 13, 2010

Stocking Swap 2010

Originally this was just going to be a very small swap. It was still small, but nothing like I was thinking. As the swap mama, I posted to all of facebook and didn't get to unfacebook until I had 5 swappers. And I thought I was a little bit tech savvy.....not!
It turned out better than I could imagine! We each made four stockings, 1 for each swapper, and then include 1 recipe, 5 gift tags, one ornament.I also tried to get everyone to keep it envelope friendly and under $3.00 shipping. Most of us followed the rules, sorta, kinda, okay, barely LOL
So now a lovely pictorial of the swap.
For another viewpoint of the story, see fellow swapper Karen's blog. It's pretty awesome.

The sockawackas I made for the swap

The first to arrive was Amy's. Can you tell I am a trek fan? LOL Fab or what?

The next to arrive was Karen's. I got two, count' em, TWO half eaten gingerbreads and one is a Spockookie!! He goes fan-tas-tically with the Trek Stocking. Seriously!!!
Oh, Spockookie with Sockookie

 Next was Carolyn's. Look at those prairie points!! Very nice!

Lats, but not least, my friend Mark's. See the Spockmonkey ornament???
Dingleballs and Star Trek, what could be better?

Group shot of my goodies! My dressform never looked so good. LOL

This has been one of the bestest swaps ever! I highly recommend doing a small swap with a few very creative and talented friends. You will sooooooo not be sorry!



  1. LOVE those spock socks, LOL! did you take pics of what you SENT??

  2. Ratty, that's the first pick and the sockookie!! LOL

  3. it was just so much fun! I am so impressed with how good all of you sew! I hope I grow up one day and can be like you guys!

  4. It was lots of fun. I'm glad we did it :)

    And Amy.....your stockings are awesome little lady! "Nuf said :)

  5. Do you think santa will fill them all??? ;-)
    Me neither, but wouldn't that be funtastic?

  6. I love the trekkie stockings! so cute! :) we pinned "communicators" to all our stockings, so they look alot like the gold stocking you got!

  7. @ katiebug: awesome!!! you can never go wrong with trek decor!! :-)
    and the stockings are fab in person!!