Saturday, December 25, 2010

A VERY Trekkie Christmas

First off, Merry Christmas. I hope you had a wonderful, thoughtful, Christ filled holiday!

Trek reigned supreme in the gift receiving arena for me!! 
I got some crafted Trekkie goodness. <<<----see past blog post

And some new Trekkie goodness

The three newest hallmark 2010 ornaments. You can't see it, but I also got an brake light cover that is the outline of the enterprise.....I know, right!!! Need to put that sucker on asap. Also, my brother got me the light-up birthday cake set. sss sss sss....goofy, but I know what will be on my cake in February!!! Napkins too. Trek birthday in da hhoooooouuussseeee!

And some older ones.....especially the coveted 1991 Enterprise.....the ship that began the Hallmark tradition.

Actually, the 1992 Shuttle craft began my ornament obsession and I've wanted the 1991 Enterprise since about, wellllll, 1992, but it ran the price gambit from 150.00 to 300.00 buckaroos!! The hubster took pity on me this year, so now my ship collection is officially complete!! (at least until the 2011's are released hahaha)
The little blinking saucer lights are way past fan-tas-tic.

I am a collector that doesn't leave things in their original packaging. It gets put up and played with; loved and enjoyed! Hence, my Guardian of Time no longer speaks (sniff, sniff...I will replace when I find one) and a little piece of my Bird of Prey has a snapped off. The year I got Uhura, my son bumped her 30 minutes after she got hung up and she lost a hand. LOL  She got replaced the next day. I have a lot of the people and am always looking to increase my ship's compliment. :-)  Always!!!

Everyone has their Christmas traditions, mine is hanging the Universe, playing with all the ones that move and make sound, watching my daughter shake her head in utter disbelief. If they ever stop making the ornaments, it will be a sad, sad day for me but I will still have my Universe, my crafted Trek goodness and reruns and dvd's. Okay, my uniform and promo Tee from the 2009 movie too.  Don't judge me people!!! ;-)

As always, reaching for the stars.........Regena


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