Monday, February 14, 2011

Back to regularly scheduled blogging

Been a busy time in the Florenti household. I will be back to a more regular blogging schedule asap.
Spent Valentine's in a hospital waiting room for my mom.......nothing wrong with her...yeah!!! Won't get to see Mr. Sweety until I get back home. Hopin' tonight, but maybe tomorrow. Mom and the hubster freak when I am driving at night. Soooooooo it's miles and miles in the middle of nowhere, like I haven't had the car break down in the middle of nowhere on I-5 before.(twice) I are all growed up now people!!!!
Got a lot of making to show and maybe a new tutorial is coming your way. Something green I think. Yeahhhhh, ggggrreeeeeennnnnnnnnnn.......................... OOOOO or Eastery. Or foodery!! Or. or, or....


***update: mom allergic to the xray dye. She's now armed with an eppy pen and a bunch of benedryl.  
She must also avoid idodized anything too!


  1. Yay! Glad to hear Mom is okay and that you'll be home soon. Looking forward to your tutorial!

  2. Green eggs and ham maybe? It's about time you blogged....just sayin'
    What am I supposed to do when you're not here?

  3. And along with the green eggs and ham you could make me and Karen a Dr. Suess apron.....that could be your to make a present for friends... :o)
    Just kiddin'

  4. you aren't kidding all that much! LOL

  5. sounds like Denise is on to something there!

  6. sounds like you and Denise are ganging up on me!