Friday, February 25, 2011

Tea review

I wash shopping the other day and was low on tea. I loves me some good ol' Lipton. And sometimes I like English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast and on occasion, some Lady Earl Gray. As you can see, I am not into fancy brews. Wellllll, I was watching Being Human on BBC America and Pyramid tea was mentioned. As happenstance would have it, I saw a box of P and G in the market......"England's No. 1 Tea" according to the box anyway. So I made a hot cuppa this morning and here's what I thought:

As you can see, the tea bags look very different. Hence the slang Pyramid. The bag is more loosely woven and the tea seems to be ground instead of leafy. I suggest you give them a little pat to shake out the loose powder or you will have some sediment in the bottom of your cup. The Lipton was more leafy looking, although the pieces were quite small.
They smelled similar, the Lipton a little more fragrant. The P&G has no string.

 When I dropped it in the hot water, it sank like a stone. Right then I was missing the string. After a minute or so, it floated right to the top. Still missing the string, but now, at least, I didn't have to dig it out. LOL

It brewed fast. It was a tad more orangey than the Lipton. The liquid was not as clear and when I added the sugar, it got a lot more frothy than Lipton. It was a littler more bitter and needed a little more sugar, but it wasn't too bad. Conclusion: I still prefer the Lipton but this isn't a bad second choice. Later today, I will see if it can pass the iced tea test. Watch for an update!!

Happy sipping!!


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