Friday, February 18, 2011

For the love of making and sharing :-)

How many of you sew/craft? I am willing to bet a lot of you!! I am not so much crafty, but I do enjoy being one with fabric and needle. I am learning to be crafty...I'm told it's a lot of fun. :-) We'll see!
Here are just a few of the things that were made by me or by a friend. And I apparently have a few new addictions too. LOL
Hope you enjoy the looksee as much as I enjoy the doing and using!!

I am in a pillowcase/nightstand coaster swap. Did I take a pic of the pillowcases I made? Nooooooo . Lame!

These are from my blog buddy Karen. Sorry, I got a lot of my junk all around it.

 Blog buddy Amy sent these. My friend Denise wanted to kidnap the heart pincushion...big time.

In order to keep my new pincushion, I copy-catter-dirty-rattered Amy's creation for Denise.

                                                             Showin' my crafty side!!!
My coasters and a little moleskine notebook that I ever so slightly embellished.

A little wall hanging for Karen's b-day. She really likes red and I really like Mumm. :-)

All the coasties together. New addiction: fabric coasters. Making and using. 
I am liking the mug rug variety too.

And now, the other addiction: pincushions. These are mine, all mine, mine I tell ya!
(possessive, me? nooooooooo)

                  Hey, I just noticed, these pincushions represent Karen, Denise, Amy and me. LOL

 This little feller fits on my finger or my chatelaine. It has a bottle cap base so I don't impale myself.

 This one really fits over the arm of the couch, but 
I fold one side under and use it by the machine most of the time.

This one has a magnet in the bottom and sits atop my dress form. 

Makin' and sharin'.........does it get any better than that? 
What are you making and sharing? Nosy Inquiring minds want to know!


I found a pick of the pillow cases!!!


  1. Love all the pincushions! I feel an addiction coming on for myself as well. I think our next swap will have to be a pin cushion swap....since it's my turn to pick :) I also love that whole crafty side of Gena! The notebook is so cute! I love it!!!!

  2. The gooberiest thing in the box and you love it. Go figure! LOL

  3. Love the pin cushions, how did you make the heart one, it is so adorable. I think every quilter, crafter gets hooked on these adorable items at least once!

  4. Well, since I didn't have and cute ruffly ramekin, I just traced the outside of mine and used that as a pattern. Stuffed it with a little poly and glued it to the base.

  5. I LOVE my pincushion! and I love that you are getting crafty! Now to get you a scrappin'!

  6. I tried that scrap book thank you!

  7. and I love, love love them all! I wore my queen of hearts apron the other day and I thought of you!!!!!!

  8. yeah! I hope you've got a spot or two on it!!
    How are you doing????