Saturday, March 12, 2011

15 Minutes of Spring

Spring has sprung and along with it the wonders of nature. How can a weed grow 3 feet in four days but I can barely get my lemon tree to produce? Dandelions and clover abound, but my shamrocks (giant clover) do nothing.

I spent 15 minutes with spring today and here is my bounty:

That's right, my 96 gallon yard waste container is 1/4 full!! 
Bite me spring!!

This hill:
will be weeded by the end of the week. 15 minutes at a time. 
That big giant patch of funky green in the middle of the pic.....G-O-N-E!!!
The dandelion patch on the right: G-O-N-E!

Set your timer for 15 minutes and attack spring!!
(we have a tractor for the stuff behind the fence)



  1. Very productive for 15 minutes! I would go outside and weed the yard for 15 minutes.....but I used up my weeding time reading this blog. Maybe tomorrow :)

  2. I thought I'd go and weed for 15 mins too and my 15 mins turned into 2 hours! My arms and legs are so sore! But I got a lot accomplished and it felt great to dig in the dirt.

  3. Don't blame me for your pain!! I said to set a timer!!! TI-MER!!!!

  4. when I look at the hill I see a small terraced garden with tomato vines, some corn at the top and a herb garden lining the bench.

  5. you see all that!! I see a messy hill, too much shade for my tomatoes and I miss the zipline.