Friday, March 4, 2011

Shamrocks and spring

Spring has sprung in the delta region of California. It gets warmish, it gets coldish and back again. The blooms are really starting to make everything smell wonderful and the hint of green peeking through makes everything look fresh.
Just a few shots of the ol' front yard. I promised the hubs I would weed for 10-15 minutes everyday. For those of you that don't know me....I burn walking to and from the car, so I am a sight to behold in a tragic looking sun hat, gloves, apron with a bright orange bucket in my hand. :-)

The plum tree

 The plum tree, close up and personal

One little bloom

 The hydrangea making a comeback

Some kind of hedge. LOL  

Dandelion greens anyone!!

Thee tiniest clovers I have ever seen!! I know they aren't traditional shamrocks, 
but they are close e-dang-nough!

Mount Diablo in the distance

Happy almost spring!!!



  1. I hate weeding - i use Preen - a lot.

  2. That was almost poetic. Are you getting soft on us? Love that plum tree :) Beautimous!

  3. I can wax poetic with the best of 'em if I feel the need. Lucky for me, I don't often feel the need. LOL And since I spent a 2.5 gallon bucket's worth of weeds from the yard, I am feeling more limerick-y. And hungry and thirty.......
    Looks like I ''unpacked my adjectives" hahahahaha


  5. Wow I was scrolling thru your pics and thought hmmm that view looks familiar. I used to live in Pitsburg. :-)

  6. Small world. How did you in up in ND?