Friday, March 25, 2011

Stupid, stupid song....get outta my head!!!!

Does this happen to you? You wake up, you are going about your day; it's a regular day (in this case, rain, rain and more rain) and it happens! Where did it come from? Why is it soooooo awful? How come it won't leave my brain?


You have a truly heinous song stuck in your head. It's never a light, little ditty that makes your day. Noooooooosireebob!!! It's irksome and it's almost always only the tagline or chorus. You almost always remember it wrong! You try to listen to other songs to break the spell, you sing other songs (yes, even Barney songs) to get it out of your head. You even go to i-freaking-tunes and download it hoping that if you hear it and become one with it, it will go away. Of course, geekynista that I am, I already own the song. It wouldn't even make my top 1000, but it's there, buried in my collection of 80's New Wave.

I have "devolved" to this:

Devo's non-hit: My Baby was a Mongoloid, one chromosome too many!!

Make it sssstttttttoooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do we not sew? 
We are Devo!! 
Are we not hip? 
D    E    V   O



  1. You can blame it on Karen and her "Mod Retro Vintage DEVO Wallet" post from yesterday...

  2. What post? I don't remember a post about a mod devo wallet. FB?

  3. I did not get that post....I had to go to her profile page and find it. Ah man!!! It is her fault!!

  4. Sheesh...are there tire tracks on my back cuz I just got thrown under the bus big time!

  5. yep, big ol', deep grooved Michelin's.

  6. no thrown under the bus. I just couldn't handle Regena's singing DEVO anymore! haha!

  7. Thanks Denise!!! I finally had it out of my head and you mention DEVO!! Great, jjuussstttttt great!
    Now it's back. Now it's "you've got me jerkin back and forth" and "freedom of choice"
    I am gonna smack you at church tomorrow!! Just sayin...