Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Me and the Hubster!

April 9, 1988. A day that will live in infamy.......LOL
I can hardly believe it! It happened in the blink of an eye.........23 years of marriage! I have known my husband more than half my entire existence!! Wow and a half!
A short pictorial......very short, because I can't get to the wedding album AND I am the family photographer and there are hardly any pics of us together. LOL  I must remedy that!
Young to old.....LOL

 Yes, a perm. say nothing!! Sophie thought someone else was with her dad for 5 years! 
Oh well, as least I've got wedding stories, right?


Here's hoping for a lot more!!!!



  1. Congrats!!! Hope your day is filled with wonderful-ness :)

  2. Have an awesome day my beautiful friends! I can't believe how much the kids look like you - especially in the wedding photo! Here's to 23 more!

  3. congrats! i do believe that first pic is in your SF apt with MM, judging by all the GQs on the shelf! lol

  4. you'd be right Lisa! Good ol page street.

  5. Happy anniversary! I love the pictorial history. I hope you have many more years of happiness together!

  6. Just scrolling through after looking at your FNSI and read this entry. Congratulations and many more years of happiness to you 'spring chickens'. My first baby celebrated her 23rd birthday on this day!

  7. wow! your baby and my marriage, the same age! Awesome!