Saturday, April 30, 2011

Now it's really spring

I have an extreme allergy headache today. I don't get them hardly ever, but today spring bit back. A few posts ago, I told spring to bite me. I'll be danged is she didn't take me literally. LOL
The very cool, slow march into warm weather has kept spring going and going and going.............
I feel her wrath. LOL

Pollen covered car....explains a lot.

Lady bug invasion...yeah!!

 This rose bush now makes two colors of roses!! WTHeck

Did I mention that roses make me sneeze?

Did I mention that they are right by my front door?

Did I mention they are everywhere?

Plum tree....looks like a good crop this year!

Bobo has no allergy issues and loves laying in the warm dirt. 
Dear Spring, I promise not to say bite me anymore!!

hahaha you can see my reflection is a couple of shots...too funny!



  1. Gorgeous pics. I love roses, but know they're difficult to look after. Your pics make me want to get out into the garden :-)

  2. You can get out in mine!! I still have a mustard filled hill that has to be cleared before fire season!!

  3. I love your pretty roses and they smell good too!

  4. you can have them!!! par will be mad if you dig 'em up, but I won't LOL