Saturday, April 21, 2012

Leslie Rahye's Earth Day Blog Hop

For this crafty adventure, we were challenged to 
reuse/recycle/re-purpose some no longer useful/leftover item(s) and turn it into something wonderfully crafty or artsy.  I jumped in with both feet!

First, what to reuse? 

Ah, on old, ugly apron that I already cut the ties off of and reused (ooo, a two-fer)

Cut it up...really up

 There wasn't enough apron left for all the pieces I needed, so I went to the sewing closet for some leftover fabric. I vowed to use nothing new, except thread....hard to recycle and respool that, eh. 
Who knew I had some of the quilt block fabric leftover from, ahhhhh, 13 years ago!

A little creative piecing to create a useable size

Next thing ya know, I've got a cute little bag.

Perfect for lunch; a mini shopping trip; crochet; toys, trick or treating...anything really.
Wow! how my style has evolved since this quilt block was made. I still love orange, but I've really gotten into the bright retros and b/w and let's not forget The Ghastlies!
Ah heck, my style is all over the place, but a lot less traditional than it used to be.  

Please check out my fellow Earth Day Hoppers to see how they found creative ways to help ol' Mother Earth. (keep reading....all the way down....something fun is a comin'!)

Guess what? This little bag can be yours! I know right....
How, you say....
Leave a comment and your contact info and Tuesday morning, not so bright and not so early, I will do the whole random number generator thang and one of you lucky hoppers will be the proud owner of this little beauty. If you don't want to be entered, but want to leave a comment, that's okay too....just say so.


  1. What an adorable bag you came up with! I love digging through scraps (paper or material or any crafty stuff) and coming up with a fun project!

    I'd love a chance to win it! My e-mail is get2scrappin{at}gmail{dot}com. Thanks for the chance! :)

    Have a great day!

  2. That bag is so cute. I can see it carrying my scissors and glue off to another creative fest with my mom and sister. Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win

  3. What a great UP-CYCLE... love the bag, I am always looking for bags to carry things in. May have to look a those fabrics with another set of eyes. Great project. TFS... thanks for the giveaway!

  4. What a great project! That is a fantastic little bag.
    skrappindiva29 at hotmail dot com

  5. Love the up-cycled bag :) So much fun :D

  6. Oh, so cute! I want to win! Please, please pick me, lol! lifeimitatesdoodles [at]

  7. What a great use of an old apron! the bag is cute and looks handy as well!

  8. Cute bag! You are right, it would be perfect for my crochet. :-P Thanks for the giveaway. craboin at

  9. Such a great bag and who would have thought one could repurpose a top like that ! X Fab

  10. I NEED a tote like this! It's the perfect size :D Great project!

  11. I think so too! It's no bubble gun.....but it's nice.

  12. I just love your recycled apron project. Your photos had me fooled...I had no idea such a lovely tote came out of the pile of scraps. Shear Genius!!! Happy Earth Day : )

  13. Great re-use! Love that fun little bag. You know I have a bag addiction :)

  14. Wonderful idea for that old apron. Now you have a totally useable, beautiful tote. Great job!

  15. Regena you are 'sew' creative :-)! There is no way I could have created something so nice from old stuff around the house. I just give my stuff to the Goodwill. If I hang around you and Karen long enough I hope some of your creative craftiness and genius will rub off on me :-)!

  16. Very cute bag from a very not so cute apron! I think you should make a bunch of these for the next Ladies Luncheon! haha!

    1. Gasp! how did i know know you were giving that cute bag away? ugh I'm so slow sometimes. great upcycle!

  17. This is awesome! Not much of a sewer. Thanks for the Inspiration!