Monday, April 30, 2012

New Neighbors

Yeppers, we've got ourselves some new peeps in the 'hood.  They don't have any kids yet, but it won't be long. They can get a little noisy, but it's not the kind of noise you dislike.  

Would you like to meet them?

Okay, meet the Dove family...............

I think she has finally realized that we aren't after her or her egg(s) because she and her mate have stopped trying to dive bomb us every time we walk out the back door. LOL She even stays put when I open the slider. As you can see, she was eyeballing me pretty good, but she let me get a pic. Gotta love a zoom function, eh? I was about 8 feet away....way closer than yesterday. :-)


  1. Nice. We have had a dove or two visiting our backyard recently too. I will have to look for a nest somewhere!