Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pink Polka Dots are Ghastlie

Especially when they keep a lovely little zipper bag closed. 

I cut out a few little leftover Ghastlies and used them to pretty up a canvas zipper bag. 
My purse is gonna be sooooo fun (okay, more fun since it's red leather croc).

She was my only whole person.

These two were on an end so that's how I used them too.

The zippers are a little short so the metal piece shows on one side, but I can live with it. If I can, I'll just take a deeper seam.

Beware!!!! I ♥ the Ghastlies and they are going to pop up nearly every time I sew least for a little while!

WOW! I got to sew two whole days in a row!!! Wooo and Hoooo!


  1. That is seriously adorable and I don't even like Ghastlies!!!

  2. Too cute for words. You are 'sew' creative :-)!

  3. OMGoodness! Ditto what Karen said! I think my favorite print of the Ghastlies is the creepy cats! Very very cute little pouch!

  4. The Ghastlies are on my wishlist and now even more so. Clever how you used the ends.

  5. EXCELLENT!! This is what I need to do for a pouch I've wanted to make for Jocelyn! I DO so love the Ghastlies :)

  6. I wub this (that's love, but cuter...)