Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flannel Baby Wipes...The Next Big Thing.....

I know it's really an old thing....a very old thing....but it's new in my grand daughter's life. 
Her mama has decided that she wants to stop using disposables as much as possible. 
You should see her Christmas list for the baby........all-in-one diapers galore!

I saw she had flannel baby wipes listed........for the price, how could I not make some? 
Her's were serged and plain o'l white or natural flannel. Nope, not for my grandbaby!!
How about some Halloween wipes???

Not sure what Brandi (dil) would prefer, so I made a few different styles.............

First, a couple of single layer, serged edge

Next, double, sewn and turned.
One round corner, one square
One zig zag, one straight

Rounded, double, serged

 The whole lot of them.
Six wipes from two 8.5" wide by WOF strips.
5 if they are all double thick
10 if they are all single thickness

I'll know more after her trial period. LOL
Happy wiping!


  1. I'm glad you found a suitable use for that awful skull fabric....*wink* *wink*

  2. I'll be interested to see how these work, or don't, in the real world (today's real world, that is). My son and dil are expecting in April, and they live with us, so I'll have some input on these kinds of things since I'll be taking care of the baby after she goes back to work. Of course, we used things like this years ago (31 years ago for me)...but those darned disposable everythings have gotten to be so convenient :-( But you are right about no plain or natural for YOUR grandbaby! And none for MINE either, heehee! Your pink skull wipes are adorable :-) and I'm sure you'll be whipping them up for every holiday :-)

  3. Those are cute. I like the convenience of disposables too but remember using plain ol' washcloths when mine was little. Brandi will love them I'm sure. I don't see Sophie using them though! Hahahah!

  4. Saw this after reading Year of Less's post. This is super helpful, and I am so inspired to make the switch now. Thanks for the tutorial!