Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scissors: a possible new obsession

I didn't need a new pair. I have plenty.....more than enough, but when my friend Karen showed me a cute little scissor fob, I honed in on the scissors. 

Gor-ge-ous. I actually found a web store that has them!!! 

I think I will be adding a few of these little beauties to my Christmas list. Heck, a few of these just might be giftees for others. *sigh*

Well, I was hunting and pecking around the web and I came across a reproduction pair of embroidery scissors. I love making and wearing costumes and sometimes doing some period demos and I thought these would be totally fabulous the next time I was lucky enough to do another one. 

Here they are next to my normal embroidery scissors.

As you can see, the finger holes are huge, and they are quite sharp. I love the rustic look.
I can't wait to make a little period sewing kit for these!
I will be using them while I finish quilting this quilt. My regulars are more for the finer threads and the pearl cotton needs a little bit sturdier pair. 

Saw this on pinterest.......maybe something like this is in my future???

Anyone else out there love cute, yet practical sewing gadgets?

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