Saturday, February 1, 2014

Say Hello

To my new little friend.

The hubs finally had enough trying to deal with my son's computer crashing and locking up all thee time. Our old system died with a painful amber light of death and could not be revived. it was, after all, 9 years old. My son recently built his own system and let us borrow his old one until the hubs decided he could part with the money.
I found an all-in-one that fit the budget and our needs.....both kinda low, really. lol
Dell 2020....built in wifi and bluetooth...anybody need a wifi adapter? LOL
4GB ram. 1TB hard, card reader, dvd/cd writer,  drive faster than my old system 2.6 vs 3.0...what's not to love?

Missing XP,  it was sooooooo much more intuitive that windows 8, but I am adjusting. I am thinking I probably should've splurged for the touch screen and a few more usb ports, but the screen is bigger than my last system and I didn't even use half the ports anyway.( and they were out of tons of units and I was tired of thinking and waiting)  lol For what I do, this system is more than adequate and will last a long time before I feel the need for an update. Dual monitors would've been great and I can probably get a usb adapter and make it work if I really, really want to.....we shall see.

It's actually a more powerful system than the one that died yet I still almost feel the need to get bigger, badder, faster. Our real needs and my sensible side won out. Besides, I can do a lot with all that money we didn't spend. I have a bad feeling that this is my birthday gift though...rats...I should've waited another week!

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