Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Sometimes you just gotta do it......put your hand on your belly, laugh long and hard, all the while, shaking your head in disbelief. Yep, you must occasionally bow down to the absurd.

I give you....the absurd.........

I would blame the news person who broke the story for putting such a stupid thing in print, but as it turned out, that newsie was right......that stinkin' throwaway item has caused an uproar allllll over the place. Can you say Christmas bonus...sure, I knew you could. LOL
ps...I still don't think putting the comments of a handful of gripey gusses in the news is news worthy, just sayin'.

To those of you who don't drink Starbucks, go on about your day, enjoy life, ignore the rest of this post. You don't care, you never did, why start now? That being said, if you don't do Starbucks and you are all over this.....why? Move on.

To the Starbucks lovers who didn't even notice the cup change.....yay you!

To the Starbucks design team...... sorry, your attempt not to upset people with your simple design backfired. As you can see, being PC just ain't workin' on any level. However, the amount of free advertising.........does it get any better than this???  Again, can you say Christmas bonus?

To the handful of people freakin' out about the attack on Christmas that got their petty comments alllll over the place: get a grip. It's a throw away item...let it gooooooooo
If it helps you holier than thou types sleep at night, think of the cup as being the color of the blood that Jesus spilled to save us from ourselves and satan.
I can't believe I just typed that.....forget I said's a paper cup people...get. over. it. already. It's not like it says "death to christians" or "deep fried puppies are yummy".. It is, ultimately a vessel to hold a beverage that gets tossed in the trash. Oy

To the chirstian/religion haters and non believers: this really doesn't prove any point other than people are people and we all do dumb things once in awhile. Some things are more dumb than others.

To the new christians: think of this as a learning moment. We are just flawed people with a lot to learn. Grace is the best medicine. Don't get caught up in the fluff...just go and get the substance.

To my fellow Christians: I am all for the teaching moments that can come from this insanity.

  • First, learn what is and isn't an affront. 
  • Christmas is a holiday we made up to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. It isn't our Lord and Savior. When we let that fact slip away, we are making the holiday an idol.  Sin city
  • Unlike the red cup, our christian beliefs are not throwaway items. Do not confuse symbols with real faith. Again, that idol thing.
  • For those of you at the other end of the spectrum, spouting-out how you support a suffering child or some other noble venture and don't do Starbucks and proudly put your christian merit badges on display, pride is also a sin. Bragging about your good deeds to shame people into changing their ways is not biblical.....time to read 1 Corinthians again.
  • Grace and love......that should be our only modus operandi . WWJD
  • Don't throw rocks. Ya know, that whole "he who is without sin" thing. Practice it.
  • Reindeer and snowflakes and a string of lights....not christian symbols..hellooooooo
Yes, I can lecture for days. LOL

This holiday season, take a long, hard look at what offends you. Our society has become a bunch of whiny babies that takes every teeny, tiny thing and blows it up to gigantic proportions. I just saw a new word for that...catastrophizing. It is the mental disease du jour. Mostly it means you are a spoiled brat and you want what you want, when you want it, how you want it or somebody is gonna pay. How dare you have to be subjected to an opinion other than your own, Learn something that might change your perspective? Never! Yes, those words are dripping with sarcasm and a little eye rolling. 

If someone doesn't share your exact opinion and their actions will not endanger others...guess what? It's okay. It is the price of living in a free society. It's the first amendment. It's necessary. It's American.

Soooooooooo, if what you are all tied up in knots over is not something you'd like to see on your headstone and all you are willing to give it is attitude and lip service.....just stop, really. 
Go out and live your an example of what you would like to see the world become.
By all means, if you want the world to be full of whiny babies and sour pusses, keep it up, it's working. But I intend to buck that trend.

Back to prepping for the holiday season, sewing, having sleepovers with my grandbaby, and flirting with the hubs. Oh, and drinking hot tea from my ceramic starbuck's travel mug. Snark rules!!


  1. Awesome post and I don't even frequent Starbucks. I know you said don't read on but to me that was an invitation to keep reading. People get into an uproar over so many little things these days. We're trying so hard to be PC these days so you can't say anything or celebrate any holiday without offending someone. I agree the whining needs to stop and people need to stop being offended so easily.
    Good luck with the holiday prep! I can't believe the holidays are just around the corner.