Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 9

Not a super eventful week, just one possible ukky event, hence the pink ribbon. If you want to send good thoughts and prayers out to my little sister, that would be much appreciated. I don't want to wear another pink ribbon for my family. Nobody should have to.

What's been added? Pink ribbon, green line, mardi gras hat, boots


A close-up of my outline and the boots that inspired it.

I know, right. Awesome!

Rolling downhill after filling fake mileage ever!!

I have to admit, my hubs got impatient and a little bored so he went out and got me new tires. I already had a day planned and a tire picked much for my timing. He got me tires that fit, but they aren't the narrow, low rolling tires that really help out my mileage. I drive a honda hybrid (anyone else called them hybirds?) My mileage has dropped significantly and I, for better or worse, let him know it every time he drives and I am the passenger that it is awful. Yes, I should stop, I am stuck with the tires now, but wow. I finally got it back up the other day to the real mileage of about 47mpg on the freeway, but in town, it sucks fuel instead of sips. I am not quite over it, but even I am getting tired of my nagfest. LOL Pray I grow up, just a little bit. hahahahaha

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  1. Sending my best wishes to your sister! Last week I finished my final round of chemo. No one should have to do this, I agree.