Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 12 of 2017 and update

Can you believe we are 12 weeks into 2017 already? Time does fly.

First the update:  My sister didn't have cancer!!!! Wooooo and hooooooo Can I get an amen?

Hoop view. 
New this week: TP,; Bunny; dollar sign; kitty outline.

 My granddot drew the bunny and picked out the colors. She loved it when she saw it finished.
The toilet paper's original intent was to represent the fact that I am the only person in my household the replaces the spent rolls. Seriously...hellooooooo. The day I was to stitch it, a second meaning came to light.....crappy people.

The hate these people have, the the entitlement they feel to bash anyone who thinks differently than they do, or even has the appearance of not fully supporting their agenda, astounds me no end. How dare anyone have their own thoughts...oy. And people think it's the conservatives taking away freedom....eeennnnnhhhhh...wrong answer.  Getting down off my soap box.....for now.

My MIL wanted to paint with celery with my grand(her great grand) so we finally did.
Everybody got involved.....4 generations got busy with some celery and paints.
Turned out better than I thought and a good time was had by all. Then we ate too much food. LOL 

Nap buddies and couch hogs

Looking ahead to week 13:

Started this to highlight my week of dealing with opinionated internet trolls. There is a way to have a conversation with someone that doesn't put them in defense mode. It would be nice if they treated people like they think they do and how they want to be treated.

What ever happened to: 
Passionate, yet civil, discussion?
Letting other people have differing opinions?
Not going bat crap crazy when figuring out other people don't think like you and you aren't the center of the intellectual universe?
Soap boxing without grandstanding?
Being factual instead of emotional?
Acknowledging that there is real evil in the world and wasting your energy calling out trivial stuff helps evil win?

I did say "for now" with the soap boxing. LOL

What is good in your life right now? No matter how small, no matter how big, let's spread some joy!

And yes, if you need that joy right now, just ask for a little sunshine from me and I will try and make it happen. I must warn you, my dot thinks that I make things worse when I try to be comforting. It could just be our dynamic, but you have be warned.  LOL

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