Friday, August 27, 2010

Duh and oy!!

     Sooooo, I'm gazing at my Alice apron, I'm smiling, I'm wishing I had one just like it....I, I, I, I....rats!! What is that scrap of fabric I see? I forgot to put on the pocket. No biggy, right? Wrong! Did I plan for a nice, easy, schmeasy patch pocket? Noooooooo, I couldn't have a royal apron with a simple would that look?  Soooooooo, I unsew 8 inches on each seam so I can insert the pocket. You would think that would be a simple task, but noooooooooo, not this morning! My pocket is not square and I put it in upside down. Yes, I trimmed off the extra fabric before I realized my little trapezoid was upside down. Yyyyeeesssss, I had to make a whole new pocket and make sure I put it in right side up this time.
     I am supposed to be at the post office right now. I am supposed to bring home my tracking number and tell our swap mistress that my package is winging its way to its new home.
     I am not supposed to be having a fit and cursing the heavens!
    Maybe I should lay off the allergy meds; breathing freely is sooooooooo overrated!


  1. Sounds frustrating! I'm sure it will be worth it in the end and your partner will appreciate the extra work!