Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maria Guadalupe UnaChicaLoca de Texas

That's me in pirate mode. Admiral Crunch tried to have me walk the plank but I tossed a bag full of pirate booty at the kids and was allowed to stay on board!!
VBS is soooooo much fun for the adults! hahahaha

Our song leaders: Sophie (mine on the left) and Sierra
Admiral Crunch and the fisherman and crew


  1. How cute are you? Awesome that you do VBS! I never did that, but I was an adult leader for junior highers for 6 years and high schoolers for 2 years. I do have pics of me in a padded Sumo suit. Now THAT was fun times. Those things are suprising hard to move around in :) Have a great day!!!!

  2. I am mostly in the audio/video booth but the ham in me wants to play. hahahahaha
    The corset is still drying out after I was splashed with a wave. LOL They could've used warm water, the brats!!! Oh well, at least they didn't ice it down...you know I would've...he he he