Monday, August 30, 2010

exhale, ahhhhh, sigh......

I'm not that distracted today. Nothing exciting to post. Only some PTSA stuff the HAS to be dealt with (snooze-o-rama).
I guess that means that I am being distracted by not being distracted???
Okay, so it's no entirely true, I just ordered my chase card rewards and now I am thinking.....(read really fast and with a slight paula deanish accent) which machine to get and how much to spend and do I really want to get rid of a featherweight or just save a little extra somewhere else, and where can I get a graphing calculator that doesn't cost as much as a new sewing machine because the boy needs it for college math, will my sister get  out of the hospital today or will she have to stay another day or two, do I wanna go to the chase bank and do my ptsa stuff today like a good girl or do I want to piddle the day away blogging, finish a gramma photo album by this Saturday, pay bills, watch my dvr's trueblood episode and wonder if Grayson will really know it's Deb when drop dead diva returns, did I really eat that many black jellybeans, are my nails getting too long,  and, and, and ..................okay, maybe I am a little distracted. Or not! ;-)


  1. I vote for "piddle the day away"!

  2. so far, piddle is winning. lol I am sewing machine shopping and comparing.