Thursday, August 26, 2010

**Project Runway Spoiler alert**

Seriously, what was Team Luxe thinking?? They soooo had a boring and u-g-l-y collection. I knew they were gonna lose and I am soooooo glad they did! but who will be the winner from the 'underdogs? Peach, Casanova? Who will go home?    Jeepers!Gretchen is such a cry baby!!  They totally threw Michael C. under the bus. I cannot believe how Team Luxe fell completely to pieces. They had 4 wins between the 6 of them and the other team had none! Now to see who the winner is and who's 'auf'd'.  Yeah, weird Casanova wins!                                                              And the llloooosssseeeerrrrrrr is:  A.J.    I thought for sure it would be Ivy. Oh well...good week, good drama and the underdogs take it all!!! Tim sooooo told Gretchen off!  Looks like a lot of the drama this season.......yeah buddy!!!


  1. I completely agree! I have disliked Gretchen since week 2. She won one challenge and was already the formost expert of the group...yuck. And Tim Gunn's speech at the end--WOWSERS!! That was awesome. I thought he should have addressed the way they treated Michael C in addition to his comments about Gretchen. I'm enjoying this season already! I mean, I've loved the show for a long time, but must admit that I enjoy a little drama along the way:)

  2. Lori Jo, I agree, much better tv this time around. Seriously, Tim should've told them off, but Michael Kors and Heidi did a pretty good job of telling them it's easy to blame the guy with immunity. Besides, HIS was the ONLY piece they liked in the entire collection! And it was a boring little backless shirt. LOL Goota love them team challenges!!