Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finished Files!!

I got to sew two whole days in a row!!! 
I am still working on my Christmas table runner. I'm thinking I want it longer, but we'll see when the top is all pieced.
Today I made a couple of baby shower giftees. I like 'em and I think the mother-to-be did to!!

I made some pacifier leashes and a little bag for them and some burp cloths.

The inside of the blue to match the leashes. :-) had some great little projects. I did modify it a bit because I didn't have the cord doomaflatchy or velcro, but I like it just fine.

Don't you love useful projects that get sewn in a flash?! I know I do!
I've missed my sewing time with all the visitors we've had more tomorrow and then I think we are through for a couple of weeks. :-)
Today, hanging with the hubs (he's been gone since Sunday), some more me sewing, and then.....drumroll boy will be testing for his BROWN BELT in Uechi Ryu Karate!!! 
I gotta feeling that his Sanchin test is gonna be a group event! LOL

Don't forget to enter my tissue cover contest....6 chances to win!!


  1. Love the fabric for the pacifier bag! Nicely always :) Have fun with the hubs today!

  2. what fun little projects and I love that your burpees are very similar in fabric to the ones that I made for them too! Have fun with hubby! and yes - tonight will be all about the boy and his "arms of titanium" (his words - not mine!) LOL

  3. I love that tractor fabric. So cute!

  4. Those are really cute gifts! What a lucky mommy to be! Glad you're getting time to sew! Hope you get more! :)