Thursday, October 6, 2011

What new look do I want? *update*

I have narrowed my eye glass frame search to these two....I think...
I like the way they look on me anyway.

 I will probably get both, one single vision and one *gulp* bifocal. The frames are reasonably priced, but the lenses....whoa mama......that's gonna hurt!!

ANNNNNDDDDDDDDDDD, if I can get a hold of my stylist....a hair cut!!! 
If only my gray hair was the kind that could take color.............I always wanted to be a platinum blond, but no one said platinum = silver. LOL

Happy mini makeovers!!!

update: pair one is done!! Here I is..........including rain soaked hair and a cheesy grin 

Number two...the no line bifocal.
Not loving the no line thing...any tips from anyone who wears the no line bifocal????


  1. I like both of them and can't wait to see them on you! and your hair is very pretty BTW!