Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kitchen Kitsch

Kitsch: fabulously tacky excesses and desirably hideous objects 

I was recently given a few kitchen items from my mil. I sew, therefore I craft, therefore I love hand made goodies of all kinds.....ahhhhhhhhh, no.
I can appreciate the skill involved in the making of said items. I can remember seeing stuff like this in my grandma's house. Oh gosh.....my someday grands will probably think the same thing about all my Trek.......

My newly acquired Kitsch:

A scrubby sunflower and grape bunch trivet

The back View

A close-up of the foil covered soda caps and the crochet.

Undeniably, there is some serious skill involved. It is, indeed, well made. 
What do I do with my new kitsch? It is so not my style and with my teensy, tinsy kitchen, I have no display space at all. 

Ahhhhhhh, I wonder how much kitsch I have made and given away thinking the giftee would just love it. LOL I guess my recent foray into redwork kitchen towels counts as kitsch.
Oh well, 50 years from now, someone will see them and go "wow! I love that kitchy kitchen stuff."

Long Live Kitsch!



wow!! using the flash really does make a difference. :-)


  1. Wow....um yea....those grapes....are um.....very special indeed. And that sunflower is....um....pretty spectacular. Kinda reminds me of the time my MIL gifted me with kitchen hand towels that had plastic doll faces and arms. Not creapy at all.........

  2. Okay... Here it goes... I love the grapes! They're so cool & vintage! The sunflower is not my cup of tea though... but those grapes remind me of my great grandmother. :)

  3. I like the grapes too. Matches absolutely NOTHING in my home, but they remind me of my Grandma Mac and my Aunt Ida for some reason.
    I remember a set of Mr. and Mrs. Claus that I received. They were crocheted covers that went over the Glade Air Fresheners that were cone-shaped. Remember those? uh....yeah....hmmm...not my favorite gift!

  4. I can appreciate all the work that went into the sunflower and grape but they aren't my cup of tea either. I do love your redwork towels and think they're wonderful!