Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's get it started...yeah!

Who's with me?

This week I am entertaining the mil and making tissue covers and desserts for 26 for a Ladies' Luncheon on Saturday.

Next week, ahhhhhh, next week I am doing two things for me!!

First, I am going to make a muslin of this pattern. I satrted another one several weeks ago, but I just didnt' feel like messing with yoke alterations and junk. Lazy daisy. I hope I look okay despite the fact that 'willowy' I am not. :-)

I have always enjoyed the look of a cute shirt dress and making this pattern will help me practice my darts and work on some classic tailoring skills. I will be using view C but I will probably make the longer sleeves since winter is a comin'. I will be using only one color too. Probably. Maybe.
It's been awhile since I've sewn an everyday item for myself...wish me luck!

Sorry about the pic, it's a tad blurry.

Project two: say it with me: burnt peanut red. I will paint my night table. It's a whole new skill set and I can't wait!! I have the paint, the primer and the tools..eeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am so excited to transform my bedroom from muted, mellow green tones to red and white cottage style!!!
I just might even make my own padded and ya!!!


  1. I can't wait to see both finished projects! I love shirtdresses and may make one for myself someday.
    Love the idea of red and white bedroom. How fun!

  2. How fun! I can't wait to see your posts about both!!!