Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just call me Granny

My first grand baby....Miss Isabella Elise Florenti....
And I am going to say what every new grandma says: I have the prettiest baby every!!!

She is the first on her mom's side, first on her dad's side....can you say spoiled little princess? ;-)

The new family of three
Stewart, Brandi and Isabella

Me and the princess

Just countin fingers and toes

She likes her fingers

After bath snooze

Get some rest princess, it was a long 3.5 days of labor.


  1. SHe's beautiful! congratulations to everyone.

  2. Imagine this with your own southern accent......"GOREGOUS" :)
    So happy for all of you! Life just changed forever my friend!

  3. Welcome to the club Grandma :-)! Now your new life begins and it will be great! Congratulations; she is simply beautiful :-)!

  4. What a beautiful baby...what a wonderful time in your life...enjoy!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! She's beautiful and being a Granny is the BEST!

  6. What a beauty! Congratulations to you all. I know what you mean about the prettiest baby. Mine were always the most beautiful in the nursery, too. Isn't it amazing how that happens?;-}

  7. Congratulations Grandma! She's beautiful! :)