Monday, May 14, 2012

What's on my sewing table

Okay, it's really my dining-room table with a big ol' cutting mat on top of it. LOL
I am sewing for

I used an old, torn, bed sheet as my muslin. I hate wasting fabric so this feels better than something I have to ''waste."  I know it isn't really waste when you are trying to get your fitting skills from non-existent to proficient, but still, ya know?

The Claire Cami Dress: traced, pinned and ready for the scissors.

See, it really does take up the whole table.
Yes, I have two fitting books out and I emptied two pincushions because I am pinner extraordinaire!

What's on your table? Hope it's something fun!


  1. You are definately a proficient pinner! Looks very festive :) Can't wait to hear how this pattern works out for you, so I can start on mine!

  2. Karen beat me to the pins! i am really enjoying reading about your progress on the dress!

  3. My table is a mess right now. I just finished making shower puffs and tea wallets. I am done with both for now as I need a change of project, 'sew' (pun definitely intended) I am going to make some blankets for my new grandson :-)!