Monday, May 14, 2012

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!

Tomorrow is big the day!!!        You can do it!
It only took me a few minutes, even with all the picture taking for my post!
Won't you join me?  Prizes are involved and not just from me!

Okay, here I gooooooo
My purse...over flowing

Top view....not too scary...yet

I done went and did it. I dumped out the entire contents.
How did all of that fit? Seriously! That is three weeks worth of junk....only three weeks!

Sorted into piles

Wha? This is from my son's phone. 
It came with this blank when he got it and he just put his old sim card in it. 
Why do I still have it?

Ear plugs and a safety mask for cpr

I don't even remember eating anywhere that gave out plastic forks...hahahaha

Fabric sample for thread matching purposes.
Can you guess the fabric? C'mon......I know you can. 
Yes, that is a lime green jump drive/

$3.71 in change that was on the bottom of my purse. 
I can see a Mac's Lounge Mini-meal in my future. 

Time to put everything back. 
Feminine protection products and some odds and ends in a little bag.

My nook...Ghastlie, isn't it? he he he

All back in my purse.

Now, prize time!
I am offering Kathi Lipp's Book. "The Get Yourself Organized Project" 
and 4 inspirational book marks to one lucky reader!

How to get it? 
  1. Just post a picture of your dumped out purse on facebook or your blog
  2. Comment here with a link to your picture (today or tomorrow's post)
  3. Make sure and leave your contact info
  4. Wait impatiently until Friday, May 19 for me to visit the random number generator and post the winner!
That isn't the only thing you can win!!!!
Visit Kathi's blog for a chance to win some serious awesomeness! The rest of the deets tomorrow!

So stay tuned in! Same blog channel, same distracted diva!

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  1. You did a great job. I'm so proud of you that someone so creative can be so organized!