Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Adventure

Our little family decided to escape the home front and traverse the beautiful California Delta. It was a little strange since this was the first time we were a family of three and not four. Sniff sniff.....my son and his family will be starting their own traditions. I missed him. Sophie really missed her big bro.  To quote Bowie: Ch-ch-ch-changes..........

Here we are in our fair state's Capital, Sacramento

It was Gold Rush Days in Old Town
We got some learnin' in

Saw the Calvary preparing for their day 

time to break camp

and protect the citizens

then we walked down the dusty streets

Worked up a mighty powerful thirst, so I pumped some water

looked at some dollies

Met Black Bart, the gentleman criminal.
Factoid: he only robbed Wells Fargo because he felt they did him wrong. 
He never fired a shot or harmed a clerk.

Jammed with the band

Delivered some mail

witnessed a shoot out

Saw the fire department in action

Saving some local 'working girls'

A grateful public

Next, we found the Chalk it up Festival

then we found Nemo

Watched some artists work

Time to say goodbye and follow the mighty Sacramento toward home

Cross a draw bridge

Or two (or six)

Then we took a wrong turn and ended up in..........


Te hee hee I couldn't resist. Rio Vista is just over the river from us and I HAD to take a pic just like the phone commercial. 

It was a pretty great day.


  1. Hahaha! Great post! Loved the pony express picture and I'm surprised there weren't any cars in Rio Vista! What a fun day!

  2. what a fun day with the fam! Love all the pics!!!!

  3. wow, great pics! I love that drive up hwy 12 along the river...